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Diabetic patients should be warned about changes to Lucozade glucose content

Patients with type 1 diabetes who use Lucozade drinks to treat hypoglycaemia should be made aware of changes to the drink’s glucose content.


Suntory Ltd, the company that produces Lucozade reduced the drink’s sugar content by 50% in April in all flavours and announced that by 2018, all its drinks will have less than 4.5g sugar per 100ml.

While this is good news for combating obesity, many diabetic patients rely on the drinks in emergencies.

Patients with diabetes are being urged to adjust their hypo treatment in line with the new levels of glucose in the drink.

Diabetes UK is warning patients who regularly drink Lucozade for hypoglycemia to take extra care and check the labels for glucose content.

Those susceptible to hypos are advised to consume 15-20g of sugar when treating low blood sugar, but this will no longer be equivalent to 100ml of Lucozade.

Instead, people with diabetes are facing the prospect of using greater quantities of Lucozade to treat a hypo.

The new formula of Lucozade reached the shelves on 1 April but some older versions may still be on sale.

Diabetes UK says those who treat hypos with 10g of carbohydrate will now need 110ml, while 15g of carbohydrate will require 170ml.

The level of sugars in Lucozade Original Energy is now 8.9g carbohydrates per 100ml or 33.8g per 380ml (one regular bottle).

‘For those of you that use Lucozade Energy Original as your hypo treatment of choice, please be aware that from April 2017, it will contain 50% less sugar, so it is likely you will have to drink more to treat your hypo,’ Diabetes UK has warned.

‘For a period of time, there will be both old and new stock of Lucozade on sale, so check the label before you buy.’

Ribena and Orangina drinks, which are manufactured by the same company as Lucozade, will be reducing their sugar levels later this year.

Type 1 diabetic patients should be advised:

  • If using the old version of Lucozade Energy Original, use 90ml-120ml (15-20g carbohydrate) as hypo treatment.
  • If using the new version of Lucozade Energy Original, give 170ml-225ml (15-20g carbohydrate) as hypo treatment.

Source: Southern Health and Social Care Trust