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Fight Cervical Cancer in Style: launch of new disease awareness campaign

Fight Cervical Cancer in Style is a disease awareness campaign by GSK, in association with Jo's Trust (the UK charity dedicated to cervical cancer) and is supported by the Royal College of Nursing and Wellbeing of Women.

Fight Cervical Cancer in Style is a national campaign to educate girls and women about cervical cancer so they can better understand their risk and how to reduce it.

Most girls know little about cervical cancer and few realise that almost all cases are caused by a common virus, HPV.1,2 This low awareness has resulted in many women misunderstanding their risk of cervical cancer.

To reach as many girls and women as possible, the Fight Cervical Cancer in Style campaign will launch in November 2009 - with information online at; and celebrities using fashion, music and dance to bring Fight Cervical Cancer in Style to life.

Robert Music, Jo's Trust director, comments: "Over the past 10 years, screening rates have continued to fall, particularly in the 25-29 age group. Awareness of cervical cancer through Jade Goody's diagnosis and tragic death appears to have had a positive impact on screening attendance in 2009, and the challenge now is to build on this."3

How does the campaign affect you?
Be prepared … Fight Cervical Cancer in Style will reach girls and women who may come to you for advice about cervical cancer. We wanted to inform you about the campaign so that you are ready for their questions.

Nurses are a trusted source of information. In a recent survey commissioned by GSK, one third of girls aged 16-18 said that they would rather get advice from a nurse about cervical cancer than their mum or friends.9

"Nurses play a key role in reaching out to girls and young women and are often the main point of advice about cervical cancer - during this campaign, nurses will need to be prepared for lots more questions from girls about the disease and how it can be prevented." - Maura Buchanan, President of the Royal College of Nursing

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Further information
If you require any further campaign information or materials, then please visit, going live on 30 November 2009. To request cervical cancer educational leaflets for your patients, please email:

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Fight Cervical Cancer in Style is a disease awareness campaign by GlaxoSmithKline, in association with Jo's Trust, to educate and raise awareness about cervical cancer
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