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Develop leaders to champion change, urges CNO for Wales

Develop leaders to champion change, urges CNO for Wales

The chief nursing officer (CNO) for Wales has spoken of the need to develop leaders within the workforce to deliver positive change.

Speaking at the annual CNO summit in Cardiff on Friday, Sue Tranka emphasised the importance of leadership programmes in providing opportunities for nurses and midwives to influence and improve services at local, national and international levels.

‘We have to spot our talented workforce early on and develop successive leaders to champion change,’ she said.

Ms Tranka, who is commencing her third year in the post of CNO, also expressed pride in having supported more than 100 international nurses through a leadership programme ‘so that they can meet the challenges of leading modern workforces and health systems’.

She added: ‘Growing the workforce, investing in, and developing nurse and midwifery leaders at every level through formal and informal leadership programmes was one of the priorities last year, to enable strong and effective leadership, and to consistently deliver high levels of care.’

Ms Tranka also used her speech to thank the nursing and midwifery workforce across Wales for their efforts over the last two years.

She said: ’I have been witness to the unique contributions made by our teams across Wales, some of which are from our leadership scholars, whether through Welsh, UK or global programmes.

‘You have taken up the mantle, embracing the responsibility to push boundaries, to break barriers and ceilings, to question established norms and to seek out and innovate solutions to address the challenges we face, here in Wales.’

The winners of the CNO Excellence Awards were also announced at the summit, with members of the nursing workforce recognised for their ‘exceptional contributions’.

Awards were presented to:

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