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Entry widened for QNI’s rebranded leadership programme

Entry widened for QNI’s rebranded leadership programme

The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) has rebranded its leadership programme for experienced nurses working in primary care, social care and the community.

Formerly known as the Aspiring Nurse Leaders programme, the newly named Ambition to Lead programme is now open to allied health professionals as well as nurses working in the community with a minimum of five years’ experience.

The 12-month programme is designed to support the professional development of future leaders in healthcare and includes presentations, online sessions, lectures and group work.

Dr Cate Wood, the QNI’s director of nursing programmes (leadership & Standards), said: ‘At the QNI, we are dedicated to fostering a new generation of leaders who are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare.

‘With the reimagined programme, we aim to empower nurses and AHPs from diverse backgrounds to unlock their full potential and drive positive change in healthcare in the community.’

The QNI’s leadership programme was originally launched in 2017 and developed by Queen’s nurse Sharon Aldridge-Bent MBE. According to the institute, it has empowered more than 150 nurses.

Steph Lawrence, executive director of nursing and allied health professionals from Leeds Community Healthcare and Leeds GP Confederation, highlighted the positive impact of the programme and benefits to employers.

‘Many of our staff have now been on the [renamed] Ambition to Lead programme and I would encourage all employers to consider sending their staff.

‘Our staff learn new skills and really progress and develop their leadership skills.’

She added: ‘Our organisation has benefitted hugely from it due to the enhanced skills and knowledge our staff have brought back to the organisation.

‘The staff themselves have also developed new networks and this in turn benefits them and the organisation, learning from others and sharing ideas.’

Applications for the 2024 Ambition to Lead programme are open until 6 May 2024.

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