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Financial support for nurses with cancer

Financial support for nurses with cancer

Nurses diagnosed with cancer are being given financial support and advice from Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

The cost of cancer is on average an added £570 per month for the majority of cancer patients, according to recent research by Macmillan Cancer Support.

It was also revealed that over a third of people diagnosed with cancer did not realise that the disease would affect them financially, and may not have been prepared for such unexpected costs.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust charity supports UK nursing professionals, both working and retired, through personal or financial hardship.

Increased costs

Alison Parsons, Welfare Services Manager at the charity says ‘In the last year, 14% of the people we’ve helped have contacted us because of the increased cost of living with cancer.

‘It’s trying to find extra money for new clothing due to weight-loss from cancer treatment, higher heating bills as patients feel the cold more and spend more time at home and increased travel costs for attending regular hospital consultations. It all adds up and is compounded by nurses reducing their hours or stopping work altogether if they are too ill to work.’

One of the people who turned to Cavell Nurses’ Trust for help last year was Michelle Brazier-Huelsman (pictured above), who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

It was a tough time for her and her family. ‘It felt like I was in a battle with the cancer, fighting with it. I was so scared of both the treatment and the side effects,’ she said.

According to the charity: ‘Michelle had to stop the job she loved, caring for others, only to become a patient herself. When her income disappeared her stress levels went up and she turned to Cavell Nurses’ Trust to help.’

The charity was able to step in and ensure that the nurse had help paying her bills while she was able to focus on recovering.

‘After everything that has happened, it’s so reassuring to know that I’m not alone and that Cavell Nurses’ Trust are there as a safety net to catch me if I fall,’ Michelle said.

Anyone wanting further information on the support offered by Cavell Nurses’ Trust can visit or call 01527 595 999.

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Nurses diagnosed with cancer are being given financial support and advice from Cavell Nurses Trust.