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Former district nurse Sue Warner elected new chair of RCN Council

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Council has elected Sue Warner to be its new chair for the forthcoming year.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Council has elected Sue Warner to be its new chair for the forthcoming year.

Ms Warner replaces Maria Trewern in the post, who failed to regain her seat on the Council after being forced to step down in October following a vote of no confidence.

Ms Warner, the West Midlands Council representative, was also one of the 12 members of the old Council who had to relinquish their place after the historic no confidence vote, but she regained her seat after new elections were held in December.

She beat North West member Dave Dawes to the role of chair.

A former district nurse and health visitor, Ms Warner is serving her third year on the Council, and said the new Council will ‘reconnect’ with members.

She said: ‘I’m honoured that my Council colleagues have elected me to this role. The RCN is the leading organisation for nurses and nursing, with a great history. Our new Council will build on that, reconnecting with members and fighting to improve conditions for nursing staff so that they can provide safe and effective care to patients, wherever they work. 

‘The year ahead is a challenging one, but we will work together to deliver on these aims for members.’

She will work alongside her vice chair Richard Jones, who was re-elected to the position he too had to give up in October 2018. Mr Jones, the member of Council for Wales, beat Anne Marie O’Neill and Geoff Earl to the post.

RCN acting chief executive Dame Donna Kinnair said:

‘Sue Warner and Richard Jones will be a powerful duo to lead our organisation as it reconnects with members and fights vitally important campaigns across the UK.

‘Sue and Richard, along with all other Council members, will give their considerable skill and energy to the roles. They have the confidence of members at every level and the support of staff to provide strong governance for the RCN.

‘With the elections now complete, the College can face outward to all members, the public and politicians and invite each of those to join us in campaigning for fairer conditions and safer staffing levels.’