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‘Imperative’ that practices act now on GPN pay rise, urges RCN

‘Imperative’ that practices act now on GPN pay rise, urges RCN

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has made fresh calls on employers to ensure general practice nurses (GPNs) in England are given a 6% pay rise following an uplift to the global sum.

Last week the government confirmed the global sum for GP practices in England had been increased from £102.28 to £104.73 per patient, to fund a 6% pay uplift for practice staff, including nurses.

And in NHS England’s latest Primary Care Bulletin, it was confirmed the uplift should be backdated to April 2023, and that April to September arrears payments would be made in November.

Practices were asked by NHS England within the bulletin to ‘pass this on to all salaried general practice staff as soon as possible’.

Today, the RCN stressed that while it was for GPN’s employers to determine pay for their employees on a practice-by-practice basis, GPNs should be given the pay rise they are entitled to.

GPNs have been advised by the RCN to speak to their employer to ask how they are using the additional global sum funding.

The RCN added that it would support GPNs to ‘advocate for the pay rise you’re entitled to’ if employers refused to provide an uplift in pay.

‘The first step is to raise the issue with your manager,’ said the RCN.

‘If your manager doesn’t take this on board, you can raise the issue formally with our letter templates to guide you, to request a pay rise from your employer.

‘If this doesn’t happen and they refuse to be transparent about the additional global sum they’ve received, then we’d advise you to contact your Local Medical Council to advise them of this issue.’

If a practice ‘continually denies’ the pay uplift after the funding has been distributed, GPNs can also get support from the college to raise a grievance.

Patricia Marquis, RCN director for England, said: ‘Now that a further announcement has been made, the RCN is investigating exactly how this will impact the pay, benefits and terms and conditions of our members working in GP practices.

‘You deserve to receive fair pay, and it’s important we understand the full details of this provision and its funding to support you to access every additional penny you should receive.’

The RCN said more information would be available on its website shortly to support GPNs.

Speaking to Nursing in Practice on Tuesday, Ms Marquis said: ‘This has been a long process with general practice nursing staff waiting many months to receive the previously announced pay rise.

‘It’s imperative that GP practices act now and award their staff the pay uplift. Nursing staff need to receive this pay rise, without further delay.’

The update from the college comes after deputy chief nursing officer Acosia Nyanin stressed GPNs must be ‘really clear’ about pay uplift entitlement.

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