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NMC announces further revalidation extension

NMC announces further revalidation extension

The NMC has announced a further extension of revalidation periods because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The nursing regulator had already announced earlier this year that nurses and midwives due to revalidate from March to June 2020 would have a further three months to complete revalidation.

But it has now also allowed registrants due to revalidate from July to request a three-month extension if they need more time.

Beyond that, registrants can also request another three-month extension ‘if they can show good reason for it’.

The NMC wrote on its website: ‘We hope that a 12-week extension will give you enough time to meet the requirements and submit your application.

‘However, you will be able to request a further extension of 12 weeks if your ability to revalidate has been affected by Covid-19. You will need to declare that your confirmer supports your request.’

The decision is laid out in council papers for its next meeting due to take place on 20 May. The changes would also allow Fitness to Practise panel events to take place remotely.

The NMC announced this month that a temporary register for student nurses in the final six months of their programme will not be necessary, after the idea was put forward in March.

Earlier this year, emergency powers were granted to the NMC in response to the coronavirus outbreak that gave it more flexibility in relation to revalidation extensions and registration.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has announced a further extension of revalidation periods because of the Covd-19 pandemic.