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NMC: Ukrainian refugees can provide ‘alternative’ evidence to join register

NMC: Ukrainian refugees can provide ‘alternative’ evidence to join register

The NMC has said it may be able to accept ‘alternative’ evidence from refugees looking to join the register, including those fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Linda Everet, assistant director of registration and revalidation at the NMC, said the regulator acknowledges ‘people may have difficulty accessing or providing the necessary documentation for their applications’ to join the register because of ‘very difficult circumstances’.

The NMC will ‘look at each application on a case-by-case basis to see if we can accept alternative evidence and to identify alternative ways to verify documents where possible,’ Ms Everet said in a statement to Nursing in Practice, although legislation ‘limits the flexibilities’ it is able to offer.

She continued: ‘The war in Ukraine has shocked and appalled people around the world, and on behalf of the NMC I want express my solidarity with the people affected. It’s important to us that we support international applicants who wish to join our register, including those with refugee status…

‘We’ll continue to do all that we can to provide applicants with refugee status with the support and adjustments they need,’ she added.

It comes after the GMC said doctors who are fleeing Ukraine and want to practise in the UK will see their GMC registration fast-tracked, as covered by Nursing in Practice’s sister publication Pulse.

The Government has also confirmed Ukrainian refugees will be guaranteed free access to NHS healthcare including GP appointments, urgent care centres, and hospitals.

And in February, the Government said it consulting on ‘streamlining’ the NMC registration process for overseas nurses and midwives, which may mean some applicants may not need to take a test of competency if they hold an international qualification approved by the NMC.

All applicants would still be required to meet the NMC’s other registration requirements including those relating to English language, indemnity and paying a fee.

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