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Nurse drivers no longer cheapest to insure

Nurse drivers no longer cheapest to insure

Nursing professionals are no longer being offered the cheapest car insurance quotes, according to new research by a UK price comparison platform.

The median insurance quote for nurses in the UK is £717.

In the past, drivers in the nursing profession benefited from the lowest average car insurance premiums, but police professionals have now clinched the top spot with a median insurance premium of £499, followed by driving instructors and examiners at £615.

The data reveal that other medical professionals come mid-table in the list of occupations surveyed, with dentists and GPs receiving average quotes of £787 and £806 respectively.

The findings are based on over 60,000 car insurance quotes across 15 specific professions in the UK, which compiled in August 2019. While each of the quotes the company analysed were for personal car insurance policies rather than commercial policies, a driver’s occupation can still have a significant effect on their premium.

For instance, car users in the hospitality sector and construction industry are offered the highest car insurance quotes, with median premiums of £1,182 and £1,186 respectively.

Discussing the potential impact of a driver’s occupation on their car insurance premium, Greg Wilson, founder of, said, ‘Insurers use a wide range of variables when they’re calculating premiums, and your occupation is one of them.

‘That’s because your occupation has the potential to say something about your risk appetite and your driving style, in much the same way as your age can do.

‘In addition, insurance companies have built up a huge volume of data relating to which occupations are least likely or most likely to make an insurance claim, which can then be used to assess the risk of a new policyholder with a particular occupation making a claim.

‘In the past, nurses often benefited from the cheapest car insurance quotes in the UK, but our data suggest they have now fallen to third place. It’s possible this might be partly due to the success of the “We Are The NHS” recruitment campaign, which has resulted in a sharp rise in the number of young people entering the nursing profession in recent years.’

While the analysis centres around a driver’s occupation, the research is based on car insurance for personal use and does not include insurance quotes relating to professional use.

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