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Nurses named as most trusted profession in UK

Nurses are the most trusted profession nationally, according to new research, ahead of doctors, teachers and judges.

Nurses are the most trusted profession nationally, ahead of doctors, teachers and judges, according to new research.

More than nine out of ten members of the public say that they trust nurses to tell the truth, putting them ahead of any other profession, according to new polling by Ipsos Mori. It is the first time that nurses have been included in the research.

The results show that 93% of 1,019 members of the public trust nurses to be truthful and informative, closely followed by doctors at 91%. NHS managers, however, are trusted by less than half (48%) of people.

Politicians are again at the bottom of the table. Public trust in politicians has slipped a considerable six percentage points since 2015, and they are now trusted to tell the truth by just 15% of the public.

The 2016 Veracity Index – Ipsos MORI’s annual index on how trustworthy they consider different professionals – showed that Government ministers are the second least trusted profession (20%), and have less credibility with the public than estate agents (30%) and bankers (37%).