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Nursing in Practice launches mobile app

Nursing in Practice launches mobile app

Nursing in Practice has today launched a mobile app on ioS and Android, allowing you to read the latest articles on your phone or tablet. 

Our publication is the voice for primary care and community nurses in the UK, offering the latest news, views, analysis, professional advice, CPD and cutting-edge clinical articles – and you can now access all of our content directly through our app, available on ioS and Android.

Launched in 2003, Nursing in Practice is the market-leading brand serving a highly engaged audience of nurses in primary care and the community.

Alongside news, views and clinical content, we work to champion primary care and community nurses, showcasing innovative projects and best practice as their roles change and expand, and as the NHS shifts to integrated care boards and integrated care partnerships.

Download the app on iOS or Android to be the first to read our latest articles from the new app on your mobile or tablet. 


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