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Nursing in Practice to launch GPN Manifesto roundtable report

Nursing in Practice to launch GPN Manifesto roundtable report

Nursing in Practice will today launch an exclusive roundtable report focusing on the role of general practice nurses (GPNs) in addressing health inequalities, managing long-term conditions and promoting public health.


This marks the second in a series of roundtable reports linked to our GPN Manifesto for 2024 – made up of 10 points of priorities, created by Nursing in Practice in collaboration with 10 nurses.

Today’s report explores the action needed to support GPNs in tackling health inequalities and to prioritise long-term conditions and public health promotion.

From concerns around a move to use less qualified and ‘cheaper’ staff in place of GPNs, to a lack of training and career development opportunities, GPNs dive into the barriers they are up against.

They also discuss the importance of considering the needs of patients from different areas and backgrounds, and the initiatives helping to improve engagement with health services and health promotion.

It was widely agreed that GPNs need to be given ‘the tools in their box’ to support patients who often have ‘a whole suitcase of conditions’, and that more training and career development opportunities are required to instil confidence and safe practice.

Earlier this year we launched our first GPN Manifesto report which focused on recruitment, retention and pay.

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