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RCN steward develops resource to support colleagues with revalidation

RCN steward develops resource to support colleagues with revalidation

An RCN steward has gone the extra mile for his colleagues in County Durham and Darlington to support them through the new Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) revalidation process.

Kevin Morley who works as an assistant practitioner has compiled a set of resources to help support staff at County Durham and Darlington’s Community Matrons District Nursing Team.

His resources included a checklist detailing what their portfolios should include, along with a 360-degree feedback communications tool that aims to help nurses get the most out of testimonials and feedback.

Morley said: “If they follow these steps it will enhance their portfolio and demonstrate how they work. Some people don’t find web-based resources that accessible, so I’ve made some available offline in our workplace.

“My resources take colleagues through how to do their reflection, look at books and articles they’ve read and reference them properly. I sat with them and went through it all to show them what they needed to do.”

Michael Appleby, chair of the County Durham and Darlington branch said: “I’m very pleased that he has come on board and taken on the role of steward – he’s a brand new RCN steward who has just completed his training this year.

His actions just go to show his commitment to the role and to our members and how supportive he is going to be of them.”

Revalidation was introduced in April after a recommendation in the 2013 Francis Report,Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Enquiry.

Earlier this month, the NMC declared the revalidation process a success after 90% of nurses and midwives who were due to complete the process, revalidated successfully.

Heather Whitton, RCN officer and mentor to Morley in his role as RCN steward, said: “Kevin has put all the information his colleagues need about where to go and what to do to revalidate their registration up onto a communal noticeboard at work.

“This level of dedication and support for colleagues is impressive and should be recognised as a good example of how union reps can support their members.”

For more information on the validation process the NMC has published a series of guides and templates.

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An RCN steward has gone the extra mile for his colleagues to support his colleagues through the new NMC revalidation process