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Wales to retain nursing bursary

Wales to retain nursing bursary

Wales is taking “positive action” to attract more student nurses by keeping the bursary in the next academic year.

Health secretary for Wales, Vaughan Gething has confirmed today (9 December) that NHS bursaries for eligible student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals will continue to be available in Wales in 2017/18.

The bursary is being cut in England, which has caused concern about future workforce numbers if training is made less affordable.

However, student nurses in Wales who begin their studies in September will have access to the funding.

The bursary is granted based upon the individual committing in advance to work in Wales post qualification for a period of two years.

Arrangements for the bursary beyond 2018 will be considered alongside the recommendations arising from the independent review of higher education funding and student finance led by Professor Ian Diamond, Mr Gething said.

Mr Gething said that the decision is a sign of the investment by Wales in people who want to make a commitment to their NHS services. 

“I believe that to ensure we have the workforce we need, it is important that any enhanced investment made in training and development is combined with an opportunity to work in Wales and a commitment to invest in Wales by those who benefit,” he said.

 “We’re taking positive action to attract more health professionals across the country and throughout the UK to come to Wales to train, work and live. We will continue to invest in the education and training of individuals wanting to work in the NHS.”

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Wales is taking “positive action” to attract more student nurses by keeping the bursary in the next academic year.