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Nurses shine a light

Health professionals recommend that you know how your breasts look and feel normally. Noticing any changes can lead to the early detection of breast cancer. That's why UK-based healthcare company PWB Health has developed Breastlight, a valuable aid to breast awareness at home. It works by shining a powerful red light through the breast tissue. Potential abnormalities show as dark spots or shadows and should be followed up with a GP.

In July and August 2008, PWB Health invited women to take part a large scale independent research study of the device. In total over 1,000 women took part in this important research. Here are the main results.

Know your body
Eighty percent of women said they felt more confident when checking their breasts using Breastlight in addition to their existing routine.

Only 44% of women said they check their breasts regularly (once a month or more). After trying Breastlight this number increased to 74%.

Spot any changes early
The vast majority of women (98.7%) found no cause for concern. Fourteen women consulted their GP. To date one of those women has been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, has had surgery, and is now recovering well.

Helpful and easy to use
Breastlight was particularly appreciated by women:

  • With lumpy and fibrous breasts.
  • With larger cup sizes.
  • Who are not yet having regular mammograms.
  • Concerned because of a family link to breast cancer.

Seventy-eight percent of women found Breastlight easy to use.

Professional recommendation
Dr Sarah Burnett, a consultant radiologist in independent practice and former breast cancer patient, is a firm supporter of Breastlight:

"As both a doctor, and a woman who has had breast cancer, I am always happy to welcome any product that increases breast awareness. Using Breastlight may increase confidence in women's own breast assessment, and their ability to communicate with their own doctors."

Please remember Breastlight is a valuable aid to breast awareness but should not be seen as a substitute for mammogram screening, or a replacement for general breast awareness - both looking and feeling.

Special offer for nurses
As a special offer for nurses and other health professionals, you can now buy Breastlight for the special price of £49 + p&p (RRP £79). Just visit our website - - and enter the online promotional code 204149 or contact us on the details below.

Join our speaker programme
As part of our ongoing commitment to increasing women's breast awareness we are offering a speaker programme to members of the public.

If you are interested in being paid to give occasional presentations on breast awareness and Breastlight to groups of women, then please get in touch.

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