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Blog: Binge drinking – “A moderation culture gone AWOL!”

In UK culture, as with many other European cultures, the role of alcoholic drinks is presented as one of relaxation and entwined dining and socialisation surrounding mealtime ritual among adults

Junior doctors vote in favour of strike

British Medical Association (BMA) members nearly unanimously voted yes to strike action, with 98% voting in favour, the association announced this morning

Hunt aims to halve stillbirth rate by 2030

The rate of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths in England can be cut by 50% by 2030, Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, announced as a new government ambition today

Quarter of new parents “too afraid” to seek mental health help

More than one in four new parents (26%) said that they didn’t receive mental health help because they were “too afraid” to seek it, according to a Royal College of Nursing survey released today

A third of mothers embarrassed to publicly breastfeed

More than a third of mothers who breastfeed feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to do so in public, the results of a Public Health England (PHE) survey released today suggest

Increase mental health spending, campaign urges government

High-profile figures have signed an open letter urging the government to increase spending for parity of esteem

Maternity care to get “Ofsted-style” ratings

The new rating system will assess maternity care, mental health, and the care for: diabetes, cancer, dementia, and learning disabilities, using local data and verified by experts in each topic area

Hunt announces scheme to cut practice red-tape

Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for health, aims to “immediately stop” pointless referrals from hospitals back to GPs, in order to reduce bureaucracy and free up appointments, he announced today

Sugar tax is “not written off” by the prime minister

A tax on sugary drinks has not been ruled out by prime minister David Cameron and could mean an extra £1 billion for the NHS, Jamie Oliver, chef and campaigner, said yesterday

“Real victory” for nurses on safe staffing levels

Nursing will be added to the government’s list of shortage occupations on “an interim basis”