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Calling all Nursing Stars whose light is shining bright during Covid-19

Calling all Nursing Stars whose light is shining bright during Covid-19

Nursing in Practice is breathing fresh life into its campaign to highlight the amazing work of our readers around the UK.

Originally run in 2018 under the title Ninja Nurses to put practice nurses in the spotlight, we are now naming our campaign Nursing Stars and extending it to include community nurses and midwives too during Covid-19.

It is more important than ever this year to celebrate the work you are doing, going above and beyond the call of duty – risking your lives – to care for your patients during the Covid-19 global pandemic. 

This is the World Health Organization’s Year of the Nurse and the Midwife, and, while it remains the year of the nurse, events that were to go alongside it have been cancelled. NHS England has decided not to go ahead with its plans to mark the Year of the Nurse. Nursing in Practice wants to ensure the work of practice and community nurses, and midwives, is still recognised this year.  

NHS workers are rightly being applauded at the moment but the nurses who read our pages are – as ever – the unsung heroes. From practice nurses quickly adapting to more digital ways of working, to community nurses taking on more patients discharged from hospitals to midwives delivering babies with the ever present threat of Covid-19.   

We will be publishing Q&As, blogs and social media posts about the work you are doing during this time.  See below:  

See here for blogs and social media posts on Nursing Stars.  

See here for the latest Nursing Stars Q & A.  

You can nominate yourself or someone you know to do a Q & A by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] with the subject ‘Nursing Stars’.   

You can also highlight the outstanding work colleagues are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic, including sharing the content for this campaign, using the hashtag #NursingStars on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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