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NHS England advice for nurses and midwives wishing to return to the frontline

To rejoin the NHS workforce as a nurse or midwife you need to follow these two steps at the same time

This advice was published on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website.  

To rejoin the NHS workforce as a nurse or midwife you need to follow these two steps at the same time:

  1. Join the NMC’s Covid-19 temporary register. Visit the NMC’s website and complete their application form to do this.
  2. Complete this survey to help us understand how best to match your skills to where it’s most needed.

Sufficient time is required to ensure you are matched on an individual basis to where your skills are most needed, so it may take up to a week before you are contacted by a local NHS organisation.

If you are based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, your details will be passed on to the relevant NHS body.

As a highly skilled, experienced nurse or midwifery professional who may have temporarily or permanently left the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register, NHS England is seeking your support to join the fight against Covid-19. There are a number of different ways you can support the existing NHS workforce and local communities that include both direct and non-direct care.

Covid-19 has the potential to put huge additional demand on our NHS and health care systems so in response the government is granting emergency powers to allow the NMC to award temporary registration to certain groups of suitably experienced people. This includes nurse and midwives who have voluntarily left the register within recent years and may wish to return to practice. By offering to return, you can make a significant difference, not just to patients and those we care for, but to colleagues and the wider community we serve.

This isn’t only about clinically treating those with Covid-19. Members of the general public may feel anxious and welcome reassurance as a highly respected and experience healthcare professional. Your expertise may be able to offer help and support in so many ways through a wide range of valuable roles and in a range of settings.

NHS England has said it is taking steps to make returning to practice as easy and safe as possible for you should you wish to do so.

For further queries, contact or as appropriate.