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RCN launches independent review after pay deal ‘mistakes’

An independent review has been launched looking at the Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) governance following ‘mistakes’ made in its communication of the 2018 NHS pay deal in England.  

RCN members called for the inquiry after many discovered they would not receive the wage rises they expected in 2018, leading then-chief executive Janet Davies apologise for ‘unnecessary confusion’ before stepping down later that year.

There had been ‘mistakes made in the understanding and communication of the 2018 NHS Agenda for Change pay deal in England,’ said the RCN in its announcement of the review.  

The inquiry, launched yesterday (3 February) and set to be led by the Centre for Public Scrutiny, will seek views from members at country and regional level as well as those with Council, committee or other governance roles.

All RCN members will be invited to complete a survey in February and focus groups will be run across the UK. Members can also ask to be interviewed.

The review aims to ‘examine the strengths and weaknesses’ of the organisation’s governance, the RCN said.

It will also look at best practice in other organisations before presenting its analysis and recommendations.

An emergency resolution calling for the independent inquiry was put forward at RCN Congress 2019 by UK stewards member Graham Revie.

 ‘Good governance... is fundamental to the success of any organisation,’ said Mr Revie while presenting the resolution at least year’s congress.

‘We have spent the last 18 months navel-gazing and really going around in circles with this, with little or no progression,’ he continued.

‘An independent review to facilitate the RCN will help continue the road to recovery.’

Commenting on the review, chair of the RCN Council Dee Sissions said: ‘We are determined to learn from what has gone before and ensure we are not only committed to listening to our members but know for sure we have the structures in place to hear their voice.

‘I would urge as many members as possible to respond to the review in what I hope will be a constructive and learning process and will lead to the RCN being much more open, transparent and responsive to the views of members.’

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