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My day: Working as director of the UK’s only nurse-led practice

Julie Belton, strategic and operational director of Cuckoo Lane Surgery in west London talks Nursing in Practice through what it takes to run the UK’s only nurse-led practice. 6:30 I wake up and get ready to leave the house by around 7:00 am. 7:45 I get into work, and I hold the morning team briefing….
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My day: Working as a homelessness outreach nurse

Jane Morton, advanced nurse practitioner and senior lecturer in advanced clinical practice at Staffordshire University, talks to Wiliam Hunter about a day working as lead for North Staffordshire GP Federation’s homelessness health service team    06.30The time I get up depends on what shift I am doing that day. We have an early morning outreach…
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My day: Working as a registered nursing associate

Sarah Hofmann, a registered nursing associate at Cathedral Medical Group Practice in Chichester, tells reporter Emily Roberts about a typical day running clinics, mentoring new staff, and her part-time role as education lead with CHAMP PCN Ms Hofmann is a newly qualified registered nursing associate (RNA) working in general practice. She previously worked as a…
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My day: Working as an ANP and practice partner

Ben Scott, an ANP and practice partner at Blyth Road Medical Centre in Rotherham, tells Mimi Launder about how he spends his day managing both patients and his practice 07.00I leave the house around 6.30am and arrive by around 7am. The GP and I are usually the first ones in. I open up the building…
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My day: Working as a lead nurse in general practice

Naomi Berry, who is the lead general practice nurse at Rooley Lane Medical Centre in Bradford after just three years in the profession, tells Mimi Launder about a day running clinics and supporting her nurse team 07.30I get half an hour before my clinic starts to make a cup of tea, get the computer on,…
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My day: Working as a Diana nurse supporting sick children

Carmela Scott, lead nurse for the Diana team at East London NHS Trust, shares a day in the life of her team as they support children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions in the community 08.30The day’s first communication comes from our on-call manager, who has been contacted by a family overnight via out-of-hours support. The…
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My day: Working as a complex care nurse

Jennifer Crozier shares the highlights of a day in her role supporting people over 65 living at home with varying degrees of frailty. 08.30Today I am the team coordinator, so I start by checking the complex care email inbox. It is empty, but I will check it throughout the day. When a referral is received,…
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Doorhandle conversation: ‘I’m taking aspirin every day for my heart’

Advice on this case of a woman who reports he is taking aspirin daily for heart health

Exclusive: CNOs pledge support for nurse wellbeing in response to NHS ‘birthday wishes’

The UK’s chief nursing officers (CNOs) have responded to a series of ‘birthday wishes’ from the profession, collated by Nursing in Practice, to mark the 75th birthday of the NHS this month. The CNOs across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have provided exclusive comments to Nursing in Practice setting out their commitments to improving and…
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NHS 75: Nurses share their ‘birthday wishes’ for the health service

To mark the 75th birthday of the NHS, Nursing in Practice has sought a selection of ‘birthday wishes’ from across the profession and is encouraging others to join the conversation on Twitter using #NHSBirthdayWish. We have asked those working across a variety of settings to share their hopes for the future of the NHS, as…
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