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Sensitive skin solutions from Surcare

Parents like to keep their children happy, but when eczema strikes they often struggle to find a way to alleviate the misery caused by constant itching and dry, inflamed skin.

Up to one in five children will suffer from eczema in the UK, and although many will grow out of the condition by the time they reach 15, this does not help mum and dad to cope in the early years.(1)

Finding out exactly what triggers a child's eczema isn't always easy because there are various types of this  unpleasant skin condition. Some children, for instance, may have an allergic reaction when they come into contact with a specific substance, while others may simply be oversensitive to irritants such as perfumes and detergents.

Whatever the cause the results are similar - the skin becomes dry, flaky and itchy. The problem is, that itching is one of the worst things for eczema and can result in the skin becoming red, inflamed and, in severe cases, broken, weeping and infected.

And any parent who has ever tried telling a two year- old to stop itching will know how difficult it is to overcome the vicious cycle of itch, scratch, itch.

They can, however, take some easy practical steps to help - by choosing clothing made from natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, and by exchanging the harsh, highly perfumed washing products in their cupboards for something with an altogether gentler approach.

This means they can launder their child's clothes and bedding in the knowledge that they are not adding to flare up.

The Surcare range

Surcare has been caring for sensitive skins for more than two decades, providing products that have been carefully formulated to wash and condition clothes for more delicate skins. The Surcare range includes a selection of household and laundry products, all of which are non-biological and free from the harsh perfumes and dyes that are often responsible for triggering skin reactions. Each has been dermatologically tested and dermatologist approved by one of Europe's leading independent research laboratories, so parents can be assured that their child's skin is in safe hands. The range includes laundry powder, laundry tablets, concentrated liquid wash and fabric conditioner as well as washing-up liquid to care for mum and dad's skin too, and can be purchased in supermarkets across the UK.

The Surcare range is supported by TalkEczema ( - an online information and support service for eczema sufferers and their families.

If you would like to find out more about sensitive skin management, Surcare products and baby clothes care, call the Surcare Careline on 0800 096 1641 or visit

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(1). Lawton S, van Onselen J. Eczema in primary care. Prescriber supplement 1999.
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