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Combating Obesity
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Combating Obesity is a registered charity helping clinically obese children, young people and adults who want to make positive changes in their lives. Our training courses support health and social care professionals to help patients manage their weight. Together, we share our experience of working effectively with obese people.

Training for health and social care professionals
We are a Department of Health approved training provider. Our training courses and programmes look at the underlying reasons for obesity and work to help you:
Understand the psychological and social pressures of those living with obesity.

  • Overcome the reasons for patient withdrawal from weight management programmes.
  • Listen to, engage with and empower patients to help them achieve lasting healthy lifestyles.
  • To find out how we can help you, visit our stand at the Nursing in Practice Conference in Manchester or our website (

Here, healthcare worker Tina Moore shares her story of attending a two-day Combating Obesity training course.

My story: Tina Moore, nurse
Tina Moore is a managed care nurse team leader with PMI Health Group. She attended a Combating Obesity training course in November 2009.

Tina and her team authorise surgical or medical admissions and outpatient treatment on medical insurance. The nurses on the team felt they needed help to support obese patients.
"The nurses felt that they would like some training because they were struggling to deal with people who called wanting a gastric bypass or similar procedure," says Tina. "That was what prompted me to search for some training and I found Combating Obesity."

Eye-opening experience
"The training was enjoyable. It took a couple of people by surprise. Medical courses can be quite standard, but this one was something different. The Combating Obesity training changes your outlook on how you approach someone who is obese. It makes you think about your own values.

"You don't always consider what's going on on the other side, what they're feeling and thinking. I've never been on any course that looks at the psychological aspects of obesity."
The course Tina attended explored what it's like to be clinically obese. She found one exercise around weighing and measuring particularly effective. "It made you really consider how someone who's clinically obese deals with that. It really was an eye-opener."

Ideal for nurses
Tina believes this understanding is particularly valuable for nurses. "Nurses deal with patients very closely and patients pick up on their reaction," she says. "I've nursed clinically obese people and had to assist with bed baths and their own personal hygiene. In these circumstances, patients can actually see your reactions. As a nurse, you might not be aware of the non-verbal signals you give."

"I'd recommend Combating Obesity's training to anybody who's going to be dealing with clinically obese or overweight patients," Tina continues. "It changes the way you think about how you're going to approach them. We've had a couple of instances of tricky situations with patients. When we came back from the course I called them and asked them how they got on with the problem. The training enabled me to empathise and engage more effectively."

If, like Tina, you'd like to know more about empowering obese patients, please call us today. Our work is driven by our philosophy: that to combat obesity, you need to understand obesity. Sharing that understanding is at the heart of what we do.

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