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08.02.16: All aeroplanes that are returning to the UK from Zika countries will be sprayed with insecticide in order to stop passengers being infected, the government has confirmed
08.02.16: The number of suicides in the UK have decreased slightly, except for a “notable” rise in female suicides, particularly those aged 45-59
08.02.16: The different types of EDS are separate conditions with different causes, but they can have some characteristics in common. Key features include: joint hypermobility, hyperextensible skin and tissue fragility.
08.02.16: On 1 October commissioning of the health visiting service transferred from NHS England to local authorities. This change enables local areas to consider how health visitors can work closely with wider public health services to tackle health inequalities and promote the best outcomes for children
20.12.12: The Chief Nurse for England has given us a strategy on which to base the care we give our patients, ensuring quality is at the core. Do you know what they stand for?
03.02.16: A new return-to-nursing scheme should be implemented, which would mean at least 500 new practice nurses over the next year, the chair of the Royal College of GPs has urged
09.02.16: Like advisors in stop smoking services, nurses will see patients who have smoked all their lives, have tried and failed to quit, and those who have become disheartened
09.02.16: Taking on academia is an opportunity to influence and impact upon future healthcare


Margaret Stubbs
How do we or rather how should we approach those patients who appear to not want to be helped?
Carol Stonham
I have started 2016 in a place I never thought I would find myself – on the New Year’s Honours list having been awarded an MBE for Services to Nursing. Amazing!
Stuart Thompson-McHale
All of us as nurses will be familiar with the statement ‘if it hasn’t been written down then it hasn’t been done. I am hoping that one day I stop seeing phrases like ‘skin intact’ and ‘regular pressure area care provided’
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