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24.06.16: Leaders in lung health have called for more investment in specialist lung teams operating across the NHS to reduce pressure on hospitals in winter
24.06.16: Leading health organisations warn that obesity could cause 7.6 million cases of disease by 2035
24.06.16: New NHS Alliance has called for community pharmacists to play a greater roll in multidisciplinary teams in general practice
24.06.16: The RCOG has recommended that healthcare professionals better support pregnant women suffering with morning sickness
27.06.16: The NMC will now allow nurses and midwives to pay their annual registration fee in quarterly instalments
27.06.16: Health professionals should be made aware that ME/CFS is not a psychological illness and in order to improve patient care, nurses need to better understand this illness and its impact on patients
20.12.12: The Chief Nurse for England has given us a strategy on which to base the care we give our patients, ensuring quality is at the core. Do you know what they stand for?
19.05.15: The University of Southampton Faculty of Health Science has played a key role in enabling the step change in advanced practice


George Coxon
The implications for nursing at this time are hard to contemplate – pundits of all persuasions cannot say with certainly how the next two years and beyond will play out
The British Nutrition Foundation
Interest in vegetarian diets has increased. This may in part be because of the reported health benefits of a plant-based diet, but also because of ethical and ecological concerns
The British Nutrition Foundation
Recent survey figures show that more than one-in-five children are overweight or obese when they start school aged four to five years, rising to one-in-three by the time they leave primary school aged 10 to 11 years
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