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18.08.16: The RCN is calling on the Government to halt health visitor cuts to prevent further deterioration of the nation’s health
18.08.16: Mental health nurses are the most difficult profession to recruit according to a new think-tank report
18.08.16: Health leaders are calling the government’s much delayed plan to tackle childhood obesity a “missed opportunity” as key actions are excluded
19.08.16: NHS England and NHS Improvement have made the first two joint Regional Chief Nurse appointments
11.08.16: Antimicrobial resistance has been identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top three threats to human health
19.05.15: The University of Southampton Faculty of Health Science has played a key role in enabling the step change in advanced practice
20.12.12: The Chief Nurse for England has given us a strategy on which to base the care we give our patients, ensuring quality is at the core. Do you know what they stand for?
26.03.12: Under new plans, “hundreds or low thousands” of NHS nurses would be forced to leave.


The British Nutrition Foundation
Public Health England, in response to an extensive review of evidence, has recently updated its vitamin D advice to recommend that everyone needs an average daily intake of 10 micrograms, yet children currently only consume around 2 micrograms of vitamin D a day from food
Una Adderley
I have reached the age when many of my friends are coping with losing their parents. Sometimes things just end very unexpectedly
Sandra Lawton
For parents the eczema journey can prove challenging, with many finding every step a new experience. Often they are told: “its only eczema or a bit of eczema”
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