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Friday 28 October 2016 Instagram
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Lansley orders NMC to justify fee hike

Lansley orders NMC to justify fee hike

NMC will have to justify its proposed fee hike

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has ordered the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to carry out an external, independent audit of the financial reasons behind its fee rise proposals.

The move to force the regulator to justify its proposed fee hike from £76 to £120 has been welcomed by health unions, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and UNISON.

“We are pleased that the Secretary of State agrees with us that it is difficult to justify a fee increase for registrants, and has intervened in this way,” said the unions in a joint statement.

“The NMC is presenting our members with a fee rise of nearly 60%. This is not a situation which the nursing and midwifery professions can tolerate.”

They urged the NMC to carry out the proposed audit “swiftly” and ensure it takes its recommendations taken on board.

A Department of Health spokesperson confirmed Lansley’s request.

"At a time of pay restraint it is only right that the Nursing and Midwifery Council explore all possible options to avoid an increase,” they said.

“They should be able to justify to their registrants the need for a rise, which is why we have asked them to carry out an independent assessment of their proposals."

As part of Lansley’s order, the NMC will also have to make a commitment to review its previous financial planning and strategy. 


Good news that Lansley is looking into the NMC Fees fiasco.
It is disgusting that the NMC can even consider increasing the fees, I have had no pay rise for over 4yrs and been told there will not be one during the next 3yrs. I'm struggling as are many to pay these fees. The NMC need to look at HR and their own practice.

This is great news. I think they thought we would not object. Like any budgeting problem increasing income is the easy option, but doesnt tackle the root cause. I am particularly pleased that they will have to do a review of previous financial planning too. They musts now make the "hard choices" that everywhere else in the NHS has had to do.

Hello Colleaque
I am not surprise nobody ever look after nurses, the fact that the health minister has spoken does not mean the fee will not be increased.

Well let us wait and see what happens.

About time somebody took nursing views into consideration. Having had no pay rise in over two years and with all the inflation in our day to day living, this is the straw that would break the camel's back. Let's hope they either justify their hike sufficiently, or back down completely.

It is good that Lansley has requested justification of the fee rise, although I doubt it will do any good. Unless the NMC concentrates on what they are supposed to do and stop using our dwindling, hard earned cash as a substitute for poor HR practice and the needless persecution of good and honourable nurses, then we should ALL refuse point blank to pay their ridiculous fees. What could they do? discipline us all?
I really dont know how I am going to find their fees as it is, let alone if they push them up by 60%.
They are terrible people, and the best action would be to go into their offices with a large broom and sack the lot. Find some human beings who remember who pays their salaries, and then maybe we will be in business.

I visited the NMC to renew my PIN and was amaazed to find an empty ground floor with an receptionist. It was so quite an wondered if they really needed such a big building which cost alot to maintain. No justification for hike in fees.

At Last hes got something RIGHT praise be!

I am glad the Govenrment have ordered this audit. I disagree with the amount the NMC are proposing as I yet have to see what they actually do for us.
I completed the NMC questionnaire to this effect. Nurses have not had a pay rise for 2 years or more if they work in General Practice. The amouint the NMC propose is obscene. Gradually over the years they have changed the fee payment from 3 yearly down to annually with large increases each time.

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