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Wednesday 26 October 2016 Instagram
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NMC fees to remain at £100

NMC fees to remain at £100

Registration fees for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) will remain at £100, it has been announced.

The council will not be introducing tiered fees or allowing payment in instalments, but will “continue to keep the situation under review”.

The proposals have “costs and complexities” which need to be looked at, the NMC said.

“We have to deliver our statutory function, and deliver the efficient and effective regulator everyone has a right to expect,” said Jackie Smith, NMC chief executive.

She said: “It is both prudent and required by the Charity Commission that we maintain adequate reserves which is why we are reviewing the fee level on a regular basis."

A survey from the NMC showed that nearly three-quarters of nurses were not aware they could claim a tax rebate on their registration fee.

“In these hard times it makes sense for nurses and midwives who pay their own fee to look at the tax relief available,” said Jackie Smith, NMC chief executive.

She said that the rebate could be backdated to previous tax years as well, and at the current level nurses and midwives would be eligible for a £20 rebate.


I can remember back to 1978 which was the year I finished my training. We were asked to pay a fee to enrol us on the register and were told that this was a single payment for lifetime membership.
Although I can't remember exactly how much it was, I do recall it being a lot of money. Now we are being asked to contribute £100 a year that is a lot of money for such an underpaid profession.
After 35 years of nursing I worry that one year I just won't be able to scrape the money together. It seems to me that the NMC are not interested in whether or not you have kept up with prep they want to take away your career and ban you from practicing because you can't afford to pay.
They should have a back up plan to help nurses who really can't afford to pay, afterall we are supposed to be a caring profession.

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