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Tuesday 25 October 2016 Instagram
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Professionals needed to shape UK IVF policy

Professionals needed to shape UK IVF policy

Medical professionals are being asked to help create a new policy on IVF risks of multiple births

The UK fertility regulator is asking healthcare workers to have their say in creating a policy to reduce the number of multiple births that accompany IVF treatment.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) hopes nurses, embryologists, counsellors and patients will meet in London on 11 June to create a policy for all.

Infertility affects around 1,750,000 couples in the UK. The second most common reason for women visiting their GP is infertility, topped only by pregnancy itself.

Angela McNab, Chief executive of the HFEA, says: "We know that multiple birth is the single biggest risk of IVF and it is our primary job as a regulator to make sure that IVF treatment is safe and appropriate.

"Experts have told us that we must make steps to reduce multiple births in order to minimise the risks for both mothers and the children they are carrying."

She adds: "It is therefore crucial that we hear from the people who work on the front line in this area so that we find a workable solution."

The meeting will take place at the Law Society on Chancery Lane on Monday 11 June.

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