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Cancer Resource Centre

Cancer Resource Centre

The Nursing in Practice Cancer Resource Centre aims to provide you with up-to-the minute news and research on the latest developments in cancer care to aid with better communication with patients, identification of risk factors and raising overall awareness of key topics and issues.

Cancer care has taken centre stage with the Department of Health’s document Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer launched in January 2011. It says that almost one in four cancers are detected only when a patient is admitted to hospital as an emergency and that our survival rates for cervical, colorectal and breast cancer are among the worst in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

It is therefore crucial for primary care nurses to have broad knowledge and understanding of cancer in order to help with prevention and early diagnosis.

Macmillan nurse consultant Sarah Bache is the expert blogger for the Nursing in Practice cancer resource section. Sarah has been a qualified nurse since 1995 and is currently a Macmillan Nurse ... more

Latest cancer news

20.12.16: A “controversial” NHS health check programme has prevented thousands of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths in its first five years, a new study has revealed.
15.11.16: Of the 4.2 million women invited to be screened for cervical cancer, 27.3% are not attending, new NHS figures have revealed.
04.10.16: Of the 209 CCGs in England, only 14% are considered to be providing good quality cancer care
29.09.16: Bowel cancer in around one in five patients diagnosed through emergency routes could have been detected earlier by a GP

Latest cancer clinical articles

Monday 20 February 2017
Working collaboratively with other local teams ensures joined-up care for patients with long-term conditions.
Friday 1 May 2015
Beating Bowel Cancer has launched its interactive online community toprovide local peer-to-peer support to bowel cancer patients and their families
Wednesday 29 April 2015
For those recovering from bowel cancer, physical activity is linked to better survival and reduces the risk of cancer returning, as well as cancer-related fatigue, depression and anxiety
Wednesday 29 April 2015
Some cancer patients are up to 68% more likely to survive five years after diagnosis in certain areas of England than others, new figures show
Thursday 26 February 2015
Let me tell you a story about two sisters, my half sister and me...

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Wednesday 12 November 2008
Breastlight is a new aid for breast awareness that has been tried and tested by hundreds of women
Wednesday 9 July 2008
Breast awareness is an important part of every woman’s health routine. It’s about feeling empowered to be more aware of any changes in the breasts. Breastlight is designed to increase confidence and encourage breast awareness

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