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Cardiology Resource Centre

Cardiology Resource Centre

The Nursing in Practice Cardiology Resource Centre provides you with the latest developments in cardiology to assist you in the diagnosis and management of patients with heart disease.

Coronary heart disease kills over 100,000 people in the UK every year, and cardiac nurses play a vital role in helping people with heart failure to live fuller, longer lives, reduce their likelihood of hospital admissions and retain independence in their own homes

Latest cardiology news

05.05.17: Social smokers are in the same danger as current smokers for cardiovascular problems, a new study has revealed.
20.12.16: A “controversial” NHS health check programme has prevented thousands of heart attacks, strokes, and deaths in its first five years, a new study has revealed.
03.05.16: The programme NHS Health Checks for patients between the ages of 40 and 74 has “fallen well short” of international targets for cardiovascular risk assessment programmes
26.02.16: If people in the UK reduced their salt intake by just 1g it would save more than 4,000 lives, a representative body for local authorities explained
22.02.16: Air pollution, for example from coal fires or car fumes, is a threat to everyone in England, the Royal College of Nursing has warned

Latest cardiology clinical articles

Friday 2 January 2015
Up to 75,000 heart patients could be missing out on crucial rehabilitation
Monday 18 August 2014
Key learning points - The prevalence and types of dementia – those influenced by cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors - An explanation of CVD causes and risk factors - How the risk factors for CVD influence the pathophysiology of dementia
Friday 11 October 2013
Key learning points - Gain awareness of the causes of dyslipidaemia and the importance of being able to recognise conditions including inherited high cholesterol - Be aware of the many secondary conditions that may have an influence on the lipid profile - Diet and lifestyle should be a key focus for cholesterol lowering, regardless of whether a statin is prescribed or not
Monday 19 August 2013
Key learning points: Communication with transplanting centre. Vigilance for infection or rejection. Encouraging compliance with all medication
Tuesday 13 December 2011
There is a significant amount of support available for patients with chest, heart and stroke illness and a number of charities provide information and support services that nurses can access to help their patients

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Friday 15 October 2010
In August, Nursing in Practice hosted a special roundtable discussion with several general practice professionals based in England to identify common challenges, and solutions, in identifying and managing patients living with hypertension ...
Thursday 1 April 2010
Are you interested in reducing referrals for heart failure in primary care? By providing rapid, accurate results near the patient, POC testing speeds up diagnosis and treatment, improving clinical outcomes and ensuring patients are managed efficiently and more cost-effectively

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