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CPD learning module: identifying and managing the risk of malnutrition in older people

older people malnutrition

Module Summary

This module will give nurses a greater understanding of malnutrition in older people, how to spot the condition and how to treat it. 

Learning Objectives

This module will: 

  • Give an understanding of the rising issue of malnutrition in older people after Covid-19, and what consequences this can have for older people 
  • Help nurses spot malnutrition in older people early – which should be a priority – and keep them well-nourished in the community 
  • Make aware of easy-to-use, accessible tools to identify the risk of malnutrition 


  • Jane Murphy is professor of nutrition, registered nutritionist and dietitian and co-director of the ageing and dementia research centre at Bournemouth University
  • Lesley Carter is a registered nurse, clinical lead for professionals and practice and programme lead for the Malnutrition Task Force at Age UK

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