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Carr report must lead to ‘transformational change’, says RCN president

Carr report must lead to ‘transformational change’, says RCN president

The Carr report, which has raised serious concerns about the culture of the RCN, must now lead to ‘transformational change’ within the organisation, according to the RCN president.

Dr Denise Chaffer, in a blog post published on Monday, said that the RCN was ‘committed to developing and driving through a large-scale programme of transformational change, which responds directly to the findings and issues raised within this report to ensure that these types of behaviour are never again witnessed at the RCN’.

The Carr report found numerous, serious examples of problematic culture within the professional body. These included a deeply misogynist culture within the RCN’s council, ‘inappropriate sexual relationships’ at the annual Congress, and the domination of non-nurse trade unionists at the highest levels of the body.

Dr Chaffer said that ‘gives us a strong mandate for immediate transformational and cultural change’, adding that ‘it is essential for senior RCN leaders to work in partnership with you, our members, to take the necessary steps together to respond to this challenge and move forward to achieve the scale of change required’.

In November, the RCN council will bring forward options for the membership to discuss moving these proposals forward.

Dr Chaffer also used the blog post as an opportunity to remind members of the upcoming RCN presidential election, which begins on 3 November. Standing for election are Professor Julie Green FRCN, Tristan Griffin, Sheila Sobrany, and Maria Trewern.

Carol Popplestone, chair of the RCN council, commenting on the Carr report said: ‘There is no doubt that this substantial report is very difficult to read.’

Ms Popplestone added: ‘I would like to reiterate our unreserved apology to all those affected by this review.’

An independent and confidential help and support line is available to any RCN member who has been affected by issues related to the Carr review: 0800 783 1157.

Members are also encouraged to contact Bruce Carr KC directly with further information at [email protected].

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