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Nurse suspended after failing to call ambulance for fallen care home resident

Nurse suspended after failing to call ambulance for fallen care home resident

A senior care home nurse has been suspended from the NMC register after failing to call 999 or seek medical assistance when a vulnerable patient fell and broke his nose.

Valerie Ross, an adult nurse working at The Elms Kimblesworth care home in County Durham, received a six-month suspension following NMC tribunals held in February this year and November 2022.

The incident took place in October 2018,when a vulnerable patient, referred to as Resident A, suffered a fall and broke his nose. Ms Ross was subsequently charged with a number of failings related to care and record keeping, 13 of which were considered proven by the tribunal.

Ms Ross had failed to seek further medical attention following Resident A’s fall, a tribunal found.

The NMC heard that: ‘Resident A, a vulnerable resident, should have been provided with care and medical attention after his nose was fractured. Mrs Ross should have updated the relevant documents, carried out observations and sought medical attention. Mrs Ross failed to act appropriately.’

The tribunal concluded that Ms Ross’ actions fell ‘significantly short of the standards expected’.  concluding that Ms Ross had ‘acted so as to put a resident at an unwarranted risk of harm.’

A testimonial from a manager in charge of Ms Ross attested to her character and fitness to practice. The manager said that ‘Throughout the time that I was manager I had no concerns regarding Val’s fitness to practice. During supervisions with care staff they were all complimentary of Val and felt confident in her abilities as nurse in charge.

Ms Ross will be suspended pending the opportunity to appeal the tribunal’s decision.

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