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Nursing in Practice launches survey on GPN terms and conditions

Nursing in Practice launches survey on GPN terms and conditions

Nursing in Practice is conducting a survey to learn more about practice nurses’ experiences of their terms and conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Practice nurses can share how they have been treated at work during the pandemic – including issues such as holiday, sick leave and workload – for a chance to win £100 of John Lewis vouchers.

The survey runs until Friday 26 February.

Nursing in Practice editor Emily Twinch said: ‘We have heard of variable terms and conditions across practices during the pandemic.

‘Our survey aims to find out practice nurses’ experience during the pandemic and just how supported, or not, they have been by their employers.’

Earlier this month, Nursing in Practice’s feature on the forgotten frontline explored why practice nurses feel overlooked during the pandemic despite their vital work.

Practice nurses also said they feel ‘let down’ over pay and working conditions in a Queens’ Nursing Institute survey published this month.

Nursing in Practice has previously published survey results on racism experienced by nurses and midwives, and workloads for care home staff since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Click here to complete the Nursing in Practice survey by 26 February. It should only take around five minutes to answer the questions and gives you the chance to win £100 of John Lewis vouchers.

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