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Diabetes, diet plans and the sugar tax

There does need to be a definite change in our dietary patterns. We need re-educating about what is healthy, and many need teaching how to cook meals from so-called ‘first principles’ or with fresh ingredients

Profile: Providing medical care in a conflicted area

Stories of conflict areas are always covered in the news, but Lucy Williams, a nursing manager in Bentiu, South Sudan, explains what it is really like nursing in the centre of a civil crisis

Diagnosing and managing chronic fatigue syndrome

The British term of chronic fatigue syndrome defines the condition as a severely limiting, long-term, physical health condition that exhibits significant cognitive dysfunction, with emotional, social and economic consequences

Managing cholesterol levels in the community

If cholesterol builds up it can lead to the formation of plaque in the coronary arteries. If the plaque constricts the blood vessels then the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, transient ischaemic attacks and peripheral arterial disease increases

Avoiding amputation in people with diabetes

Diabetes is reaching epidemic levels and the International Diabetes Federation recently stated that 415 million people aged 20-79 across the world are now known to have the condition

Supporting hypnobirthing couples in the community

Over the last 10 years hypnobirthing has increased in popularity with women and midwives with some trusts now providing their own hypnobirthing services

Planned caesarean sections

In the United Kingdom approximately 25% of babies are born by caesarean section. There is considerable variation across the country and this overall rate is split into emergency and elective caesarean sections

Interview: Jamie Oliver

Nursing in Practice talks to the TV chef turned campaigner about his recent work taking on the government for a sugar tax

Returning to nursing in primary care in Wales

With a growing need for community care, nurses wanting to return to practice can make a difference. But how can nurses re-enter the profession and what does returning to practice really involve?

Junior doctors to withdraw all labour during 48-hour strike next month

Junior doctors are escalating their strike action in the dispute over a new contract in the first full walkout of doctors during a 48-hour strike planned next month