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Sexual health in young people

The term ‘sexual health’, especially in relation to young people, often conjures up images of sexual ill-health, or when things go wrong

Part 1: Depression in young adults – prevalence and challenges

Good mental health is a vital development of children and young people’s emotional wellbeing

Avoiding complications in type 2 diabetes

The World Health Organization has just released its Global Report on Diabetes1 which details how both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are escalating in prevalence across the world

Developing community nursing roles

Expanding skills and developing new ways of working to support patients at home

Interview: Jonny Benjamin, mental health campaigner

Benjamin sparked conversation across the internet when he launched a campaign to find the man who stopped him committing suicide from Waterloo Bridge. Now, he has become a full-time campaigner publically speaking, writing and creating videos and films about mental health illness

Failure to discharge older patients on time costs the NHS millions

The NHS is losing money by keeping older patients in hospital for longer than is necessary, said NAO in a report

A third of patients with IBD don’t have access to a specialist nurse

Some 100,000 patients in the UK with inflammatory bowel disease don’t have access to adequate care, according to a survey from the patient charity, Crohn’s and Colitis UK

The forgotten mental health problems

In a context of mental health service pressure where stretched resource must be focused on the highest priority some members of our communities will be missed

Deal reached on junior doctor contract dispute

A deal has been struck between junior doctor leaders and Jeremy Hunt following 10 days of contract negotiations

Junior doctors’ strike talks to continue next week

Junior doctors and the government will continue talks next week in a “final opportunity” to reach an agreement to their “difficult dispute” over new contracts