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Learning disabilities: dispelling the myths

Nurses who are not learning disability trained are expected to instinctively identify the needs of these patients, despite being given limited information and education in relation to this. As a result, nurses are often unknowingly misguided and given inaccurate information

Blog: Holidaying with a skin condition

For dermatology patients who may have complex needs and other health related problems more planning before a holiday is needed

Yoga and meditation recommended to reduce blood pressure

Healthcare professionals should consider stress reduction and mindfulness therapies for patients with high blood pressure, researchers say. Based on the latest clinical and scientific evidence, an international panel of experts from 18 countries have made a series of recommendations on effective lifestyle changes that can help manage and prevent high blood pressure. Making time for…
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Social care nurses from overseas ‘exploited and harassed’ while working in UK

Social care nurses and colleagues recruited from overseas have been subjected to a ‘significant rise’ in exploitation and abuse, the union Unison has warned. Recent examples have included nurses being handed bills for thousands of pounds if they try to change their jobs, or being left unpaid for their time at work by employers who…
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‘What I love about practice nurses is that they’re strong’

Independent nurse and chair of New NHS Alliance Heather Henry talks to Alice Harrold about the importance of promoting the profession to GPs and employers

Less than 1% of government’s 50K more nurses are GPNs

The government is today celebrating the recruitment of over 50,000 more nurses working in England, but figures show the total only includes 361 additional general practice nurses (GPNs). The numbers also include a decline in health visitors and learning disability nurses, while latest vacancy data also shows nursing vacancies across the NHS remain over 42,000….
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Meet the GP Awards shortlist: Tracey Elliott, clinical lead, Swift PCN New Way Leg Care

We caught up with the Nurse/Nursing Team of the Year Award shortlist, ahead of this year’s General Practice Awards ceremony to be held on 8 December in London. The first entry under the spotlight from this year’s shortlist is Tracey Elliott – clinical lead for Swift PCN New Way Leg Care in Bristol. Since taking…
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Warning over ‘substitution’ of GPNs with nursing associates

General practice nurses (GPNs) are increasingly being substituted with nursing associates in a move which is ‘devaluing’ the profession and their skills, the Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) professional lead for primary care has told. In an exclusive interview with Nursing in Practice, Heather Randle said the college was ‘seeing a lot of role substitution’…
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Public health nursing to sit within England CNO’s portfolio

The chief nursing officer (CNO) for England Dame Ruth May is set to take on ‘professional leadership’ for public health nursing, it has been announced. The news follows more than a year since the country’s chief public health nurse role – which sat within a government body – became vacant. Dame Ruth confirmed in a…
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RCN calls for ‘urgent progress’ on recognising long Covid as occupational disease

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and British Medical Association (BMA) have called on the government to make ‘urgent’ progress on recognising long Covid as an occupational disease and provide more support for nurses and doctors affected. It has been a year since the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (IIAC) found ‘robust evidence’ for five conditions from complications…
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