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Understanding the needs of diabetes patients

Sometimes as healthcare professionals we can be more than a little idealistic in our expectations of what our patients can live with and manage while dealing with their diabetes.

Blog: Are we becoming a supersize culture?

In England, the proportion of adults that were overweight including obese, increased between 1993 and 2012 from 57.6% to 66.6% among men and from 48.6% to 57.2% among women

Blog: Raising awareness of pressure ulcers

The initiative to eliminate pressure ulcers has been another radical project. Prior to its instigation I would see patients every single week with sacral pressure ulcers large enough that you could get your fist into them

The sugar tax and diabetes

Sugar tax has been in the news over recent weeks. What do you think of this proposal and the support it is gaining? Will it make any difference to our eating habits? What might we stop eating or reduce in our diets with such a tax?

Hunt announces “potential agreement” with BMA to stop junior doctors strike

The British Medical Association (BMA) and the government have agreed on a potential agreement that will suspend strike action, however the strikes are still planned to start at 8am tomorrow

RCN: Spending review will “saddle future generations with more debt”

The government’s plan to remove funding for student nurses will “saddle future generations of these student nurses with even more debt and financial pressures,” according to the Royal College of Nursing

Anger management in primary care

Anger and aggression can be viewed as both a problem and a normal part of development, as both benefits and risks to the individual can be observed

Movement and balance disorders

Movement, gait and balance disorders represent a major health problem, especially in the older population. Movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, tremor, tics and dystonia, are common and disabling conditions

Low back pain: presentation and management

Low back pain is so common that it might be considered normal. Nurses will encounter it themselves, and in their patients and colleagues

Female genital mutilation: an overview

Female genital mutilation involves removing and damaging healthy female genital tissue, and hence interferes with the natural function of girls’ and women’s bodies