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Mythbuster: ‘I don’t need to go to hospital for a mini stroke’

The reality: Yes, all suspected mini stroke or TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) cases are classed as a medical emergency and should be seen by the specialist stroke team at a hospital within 24hours.   Mini stroke or TIA is defined as a transient episode of neurological dysfunction caused by focal brain, spinal cord or retinal ischaemia without evidence of acute…
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I am in awe of my nursing colleagues – who truly are Nursing Stars

Way back in 2016, when I was the chair of New NHS Alliance, one Friday night I sent an idea in a tweet to my colleague and friend Louise Brady.

Mythbuster: ‘Covid-19 is just like seasonal flu’

As the Covid-19 pandemic emerges, comparisons have been made between the new coronavirus and seasonal flu. With the help of the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other scientific resources, science journalist Helen Quinn has separated facts from fiction, in our Covid-19 v seasonal flu guide for practice nurses.

Mythbuster: ‘IUDs are only for women who’ve had babies’

Women’s health specialist nurse Eppy Sewell on how the coil can be life-changing for younger women

My mission to Ghana: ‘The mother was filled with joy at the healthy heartbeat’

Dr Joan Myers OBE, a Queen’s Nurse and Royal College of Nursing London council member, on her rewarding two-week mission to Ghana.

Jeremy Hunt appointed chair of the health and social care committee

Jeremy Hunt has been elected as chair of the health and social care committee, taking over from former GP Dr Sarah Wollaston.

Mythbuster: ‘I need to let the air get to this wound’

Tissue viability nurse specialist Amy Verdon on the importance of creating the right environment for wound healing, dispelling the myth that wounds need to ‘breathe’ in order to heal

Mythbuster: ‘Insomnia can only be cured by medication’

Psychiatric liaison nurse Fiona Brand on alternatives to medication for insomnia.

RCN Congress 2019: day 4 as it happened

The latest from day 4 of RCN Congress

RCN Congress 2019: day 3 as it happened

The latest from day 3 of RCN Congress