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Gov obesity campaign 'not working', says TV doc

Gov obesity campaign 'not working', says TV doc

Dr Jessen

Food companies that churn out foods with a high-fat content should be “heavily taxed”, said TV’s Dr Christian Jessen.

In an exclusive interview with NiP, the Supersize Vs Superskinny presenter criticised the government for not getting to grips with the obesity crisis – something he fears will bring the NHS “to its knees” within a decade.

Dr Jessen said the government’s ‘nudging’ obesity campaign should be replaced with a “short, sharp elbow to the ribs” as he claimed people do not have the willpower required to resist the temptations of junk food.

“The conclusions are frighteningly simple. We are eating too much,” he said.

“We need to completely change the types of food that are available to buy in shops. Our willpower alone is not enough to say no to junk food.

“The government’s campaign is not working. It needs to look heavily taxing the big food companies that churn out the massively high-calorific, high-fat foods.”

Dr Jessen said it wouldn’t be “fair” to penalise consumers for buying foods that are high in calories because they are too “available”.

In a statement to NiP, a Department of Health spokesperson said it is possible to "halt and reverse the tide of obesity" if those who are overweight "take simple steps" to reduce their calorie intake.
They also said international evidence on 'fat taxes' are currently "under review".
By Louise Naughton

Question: Do you agree that junk food manufacturers should be 'heavily taxed'?


junk food should be taken away from this causes malnourishment and therefore should be classed as "poison".What I have always classed as normal food is now being classed as "healthy " or "organic"food.Has anyone from the food and drinks dept or the NHS walked down the high street of one of our towns???? If so,Why dont you know WHY there is an obesity problem.Are you all stupid?????? Come to Gloucester town centre and become educated in why people get fat.....or invite me to Parliament and I will explain to you all.and tell you what to do.Stop sending aid to India to solve malnourishment when it is far worse here in this country.

No, the majority of their products should be banned from the shops outright. Takeaway outlets should also be limited in number and have their products regulated as to maximum fat content etc.

I just wonder if there is any evidence that 'fat taxes' work? If not there seems very little point in following this idea. But I do agree that we need a more robust approach to the problem.

It is really difficult to eat healthily when you have to rely on convenience food. We had a long, cold motorway journey earlier this week. There was no warm healthy option available anywhere in the service station at which we stopped. In the end, I gave in and had a burger! (after my daughter told me that the bean burger was even more fattening!)

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